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Here’s Why a Pittsburgh Local Recently Sold us Their House


I wanted to sit down this morning and take a few minutes to tell a story that recently happened to me while visiting homeowners looking to sell their house.Not too long ago we bought a house. To most people, it will look like just another house that we bought, but to me it was special. Like every house, it was special because of the person selling the house. Over the last few years, I’ve bought...

Selling Your House to An Investor: Why It Makes More Sense Than Ever


Let me start this article off by saying that I know what you are probably thinking. You’ve heard of selling your house to cash investors before. You’ve gotten the little yellow notes in the mail and you’ve seen the signs on the side of the road, “Sell your house in 7 days or less”, “stop foreclosure now” …maybe you’ve responded to the letter or called that sign and, because they didn’t call you...

Pittsburgh Probate Basics; How To Sell Your House in Probate


Over the years, we have helped many people in Pittsburgh that have either needed to sell their house while they were in a probate situation or after they had already inherited the property. I first learned about the probate process when, my father unfortunately passed away suddenly in a motorcycle accident. He was 48. He had a wife, 2 kids, cars, motorcycles, insurances, retirement accounts, real...

Selling Your House Traditionally Vs To An Investor


When I first started out in real estate, I started out by earning my real estate license. As a licensed agent, I had to become very familiar with the closing process because the highest value proposition I felt you could have was navigating your clients seamlessly through the process of buying or selling their house. What I learned very quickly was that traditional real estate sales can be set up...

7 Key Factors to Determine What Your House Is Worth in Pittsburgh


Often one of the first steps in deciding between selling your property for cash or listing traditionally with an agent is determining how much your house is worth. Unfortunately, this question is more complicated than it seems. In today’s market where buyers have access to infinite knowledge via the internet, it’s important before pricing your home to analyze all the factors that determine your...

When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Home To An Investor?


So you've been kicking around the idea of selling your house? Are you trying to decide whether or not to try to sell it yourself? List with a real estate agent? Or get a quick cash offer that can close in as little as 21 days?When looking to sell your house, often times you will hear it is best to sell it in the spring months. Starting in March leading up until school starts. If you have a home in...

Topic: The Quickest Way To Sell Your House


When it comes time to sell your house in the Pittsburgh area, you have several options. Here are our top 3 ways to selling your house fast. “For Sale by Owner” By Listing With a Real Estate Agent Sell Your House Fast To A Real Estate InvestorLet’s go ahead and take a look at the these three different options, the pros and cons of each. hopefully by reading this short article you can easily...

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