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A Simple Home Maintenance Checklist: Keep Your Home in Top Shape


According to a recent survey from American home services website Thumbtack.com, homeowners spent $6,548 on maintenance and repairs on average in 2023. Most of this money was used for maintenance and repairs of their home's appliances, HVAC system, roof, water heater, and foundation.In another study by insurance company Hippo, which included roughly 1,000 homeowners, 65% of respondents stated they...

Selling Your House Fast in Scott Township, PA


Whether you’re new to the real estate market or a seasoned veteran, selling a house is no easy feat. No two houses are the same and each house can present new and unique challenges for you. In addition to being familiar with the house that you are trying to sell so that you can address any issues or queries that potential buyers might have, it is also crucial for you to be familiar with the...

How Much Is My Home Worth? Find Its Market Value


Your home's market value might not be something you think about often if you plan to live in it for many years to come.However, knowing the market value of your house suddenly becomes extremely important to you when you want to sell, upgrade, or possibly refinance.If you're not aware, market value is the amount that a prospective buyer who is well-informed about the real estate market in your area...

 Sell Your Beechview Home: Tips for Selling Quickly & Effectively


Selling a house is no easy feat. The entire process can take months on end and entail various steps including staging the house for potential buyers, negotiating on the price and ensuring that all the legal formalities are complied with, just to name a few. Because of the complexity involved, it is no wonder that many Americans turn to professional realtors to help them with the sale of their...

Is Pittsburgh's Population Growing?


"I've lived in Pittsburgh my entire life, and there's never been a time that I've seen this city grow".The above comment was made by the immediate former Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, when he was asked about the city's population growth.Pittsburgh has regularly lost population since the 1980s collapse of the city's steel industry, which caused thousands of residents to lose their jobs and...

What to Consider When Selling Your House in Mt. Lebanon


Selling your Mt. Lebanon home is an important decision that comes with numerous significant considerations. Often, these considerations include not just practical ones such as maximizing the sale price, but also considerations such as any emotional attachments that you might have to your house or your neighborhood. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the different things you might want...

How to Sell Your House Fast in Bethel Park, PA 


There are countless reasons why you might want to sell your Bethel Park, PA, house — whether you’re seeking out new job opportunities in a new city or are simply moving somewhere to be closer to family and friends. No matter the circumstances, selling your home is no small undertaking.In theory, selling your home should be no more complicated than finding a willing buyer and handing over the keys....

How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling a House 


Selling your home can be lucrative, but the capital gains tax accompanying it may drastically reduce your earnings and dampen your excitement for selling the property.If you're unaware, capital gains tax is the money you must pay from the profit earned from selling assets — including a home, stocks, cryptocurrencies, coin collections or piece of land.As an illustration, suppose you paid $400,000...

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