The Quickest, Easiest Way to Get Cash For Your Home.

Listing your home with a traditional Realtor® can be a stressful process that lasts for months. After researching and interviewing agents, you’ll have to wait for them to list and market your home. Then you’ll have to go through the lengthy process of scheduling showings and negotiating offers. On top of that, you’ll pay thousands in Realtor fees and closing costs.

Why is a Cash Offer from HomeBuyers Better?

As a local, trusted company, HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh offers sellers an at-home consultation with our 3-step process that helps you decide on the best route to take when selling your home – even if you’re not ready to sell now.

Our team will provide you with a clear, detailed plan so you have an educated understanding on when and how to sell. If we’re a fit for your home selling situation, our cash offer is fair and transparent based on the market value of your home in its current condition – no undercutting or lowballing. We save you time, money, and stress. Learn more ›

Home Consultation Service

Our home consultation service for Pittsburgh-area home sellers includes a quick 20–30 minute home tour, during which the HomeBuyers team can identify any repairs or updates that need to be made to maximize the value of the home. We’ll look at big-ticket items like the roof, windows, furnace, electrical and foundation, and cosmetic items like kitchen, baths, flooring and paint. With our years of experience in construction, there isn’t any type of repair or clutter our team can’t handle. During the home evaluation, we can also provide clarity on the other avenues available to sell your Pittsburgh home:

Traditional route:

listing your home with a licensed agent

Creative financing:

get creative to meet buyer and seller goals

Why Do Locals Choose The HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh?

  • We pay cash for homes in as-is condition (no need to make repairs or updates)
  • No dealing with Realtors, banks, or appraisers
  • No showings or open houses
  • You pick the closing date (as quick as 21 days)
  • No fees or closing costs paid by you
  • We have an A+ BBB Rating, 5-star Google Rating, and are the trusted experts in the Pittsburgh real estate market

Home Buyers of Pittsburgh Reviews



Enter your information in any contact form on our website. We’ll get some basic info about your situation and the house to ensure we’re a good fit.


We’ll call to schedule a 20-30 minute home evaluation. Our experts will learn more about your situation and craft an offer to fit your exact needs.


Accept or decline our cash offer. You pick the closing date!

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