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HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh: Helping Sellers in Challenging Situations

HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh is no stranger to working with homeowners in need of a quick sell, whether that’s due to difficult financial situations, declining health, looming foreclosure, or inheriting un-wanted properties.

Ryan recently spoke with a seller who called the company because they were facing foreclosure.

“The seller called us on a Tuesday morning, we gathered some basic information over the phone, and set an appointment for later that same day.” “I could tell that there was some stress in her voice, but she wasn’t comfortable explaining the situation over the phone, so we made sure to get face-to-face as soon as possible and see if we could help out.”

Once on the appointment, the situation began to unveil itself and he found that because of a recent job loss, they were behind on payments and the bank had set a date for a sheriff sale in only 29 days.

HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh works quick and efficiently and can close on houses in as little as 21 days, so they knew they had plenty of time to save them. Once they worked with the bank, they were able to close in 27 days – just two days before the schedule foreclosure.

Ryan says “... it’s important for sellers to know that we are fair, honest, and ethical when it comes to buying houses. We’re not out here just looking to get houses as cheap as possible. It’s quite the opposite - we want to pay the seller as much as we can and make win-win transactions.”

Once they close on a house, the construction team goes to work on the renovations. They install kitchens, baths, floors, paint, and update any mechanical items to get the homes ready for resell to their new buyers.

“What we’ve found is that, very often, the sellers last request at the closing table is to see the house once it has been renovated.” “That is one of my favorite parts of the whole process - is watching a seller light up with emotion after seeing their house brought to its full potential” Said Ryan. 

This single anecdote not only demonstrates the effectiveness of their simple process, but also speaks to the commitment that the HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team has to each seller and helping them through what’s often a difficult situation.

Ryan says “Because we’re committed to solving problems, making fair cash offers, and closing on seller’s timelines, we find that we’re able to help more people than most investment companies. We’re just as much in the solutions business as we are in the house buying business”.

Seller testimonial - “It was wonderful working with you! You absolutely, did exactly what you said you would! Not to mention how helpful you were through the whole process of selling. Thank you for that, we appreciated it very much! I did see the pictures, they were beautiful! Great job!”


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