HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh: Helping Home Owners Make a Hassle Free Transition When Selling Their Home

HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh is no stranger to working with homeowners in need of a quick easy sell; whether that’s due to financial situations, assisted-living transitions, inheriting un-wanted properties, or dealing with foreclosure. What the team has found over the years is that all of these homeowners have something in common; they’re looking for a hassle-free solution and a fair price for their home.

Ryan Scialabba, HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh manager and licensed real estate agent, said a seller recently called the company because they wanted to downsize but didn’t want to deal with the stress of listing their home. “They called us and, like most, had questions about who we were, what we do, and how much we can pay for their house” Said Mr. Scialabba “Their biggest request was an easy process with a definite closing date so they could go find their new home”. For HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh that process always begins with an initial phone call, during which the team learns basic information about the situation and the house to determine if they could be a good fit for each other.

The second step includes a 20-30-minute home tour, during which they identify any repairs or updates that need to be made for the home to reach its top value. They look at big-ticket items like the roof, windows, furnace, electrical, and foundation; and cosmetic items like the kitchen, baths, flooring, and paint. With their years of experience in construction, there isn’t any type of repair or clutter the team can’t handle. “When we do the home tour, our number one goal is to dial in the highest price we can pay and the best terms for the seller.” “Most of the time we find it’s not about getting them the most money. It’s about helping with moving expenses, them being able to leave items in the house, or picking their own closing date” Said Mr. Scialabba “It’s all about listening to their wants and needs and making it work for both of us.” That commitment to each client and a willingness to help navigate very difficult situations, is what has set the HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team apart from the competition.

For these South Hills homeowners, their initial plan was to call a couple of postcards they had gotten in the mail saying “I want to buy your house” but when they did, they either went straight to voicemail or didn’t return their call. “When they told me how many people they called before us, first of all I was shocked, but I was also glad that she kept calling around and that we were the ones who could provide a great experience from the initial call through the closing of the house”. Said Mr. Scialabba Ultimately, the HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team was able to make them a fair cash offer and close on their house a couple of days before their move, making an often stressful transition extremely easy.

After the sale, the couple said it was a very pleasant experience and they were impressed with their professionalism and support throughout the process. “That’s what this is all about for us. We look at every house we buy as an opportunity to leave a seller with an over-the-top customer experience. From the initial call, to the fair offer, and through the closing we work tirelessly to make the process of selling a home much easier than anyone ever expects”. – Ryan Scialabba For more information about the HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team call 412-500-9057, visit www.homebuyersofpittsburgh.com, or email info [at] urbanpgh.com