How Cash Home Buying Works

For many homeowners in Pittsburgh, listing their home on the open market may make the most sense. Often times, with more time and effort you can net more money.

However, there are also a large segment of homeowners in stressful or complex situations where “listing your home” just doesn’t apply and most of them don’t know where or who to turn to.

That’s where Ryan Scialabba and his company HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh are making a name for themselves — simplifying the home selling process and solving complex problems along the way. We sat down with Ryan Lauer, Acquisitions Manager for the team so he could tell us about a homeowner they recently helped in the Dormont neighborhood who was looking to move to Florida.

The cash home buying process

“Initially when they called in, the homeowner said they wanted to sell to an investor because their home needed repairs,” said Ryan Lauer, Acquisitions Manager. “The interesting part was that the home had already been under contract with another company, but they were unable to perform at the last minute.

“We knew that the situation was going to be more complex than face value, so we were excited to sit down with them and see if we could help”.

After their initial phone call Mr. Lauer went on the appointment to go see the house and assess any repairs or updates that were needed. Also during the house tour, he said he likes to sit down with the sellers and learn more about the situation so that he can craft an offer that fits their exact needs.

Greater flexibility with a cash offer

In this particular situation, the sellers needed cash from the closing of the Dormont home to be able to make the down payment on the Florida home. On top of that, they needed to be able to stay in the home for a short period of time after closing.

For the traditional real estate agency, this situation could be too complex and flexible to make it work.

Mr. Lauer said “When we were going over the everything, I let them know that we can give them the flexibility they needed and we agreed on a price. Obviously, there were some credibility concerns after the first company bailed on them, but we were able to show a proven track record and come up with a win-win.”

Home buyer credibility: we deliver as promised

All in all, The HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team was able to close the home in thirty days and offer the sellers a short term lease back until their home in Florida was finished. They were gracious enough to leave us a 5-star review after the house closed:

“I cannot say enough about how happy I am with how things went working with Ryan and Danielle. I’ll recommend this group to anyone selling a property in the Pittsburgh area. Everyone on the team was great. We had an issue with our previous buyer and had some time constraints to work around but HomeBuyers came through for us in a big way. This team was honest and just fantastic throughout. Everybody was very communicative the whole way through. No surprises anywhere. Took care of nearly everything for us and in only a month too. Thank you guys so much!”

~ Andrew Bushbacher

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