How UCG Helped A Local Seller With A Complex Sale

In normal situations, selling a home through a real estate agency can take months and, often, the seller ends up paying thousands of dollars in repairs and commissions before the process is complete. But, when sellers are dealing with complex or difficult situations – they often feel like they have nowhere to turn for help.

Ryan strives to offer a faster and easier solution with his company, HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh, which he started three years ago with his business partner, Aaron. Since its inception, UCG has bought and sold more than 150 homes in the Pittsburgh area including some recent properties in the North Hills, Baldwin/Whitehall, Crafton Heights, Moon Twp., and Bethel Park neighborhoods.

One local homeowner, Stephanie W, that recently sold her home to the HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team had received a postcard in the mail and decided to give them a call. “When she called, I began asking her some basic questions about the house and the situation – and I could tell there was something stressful going on” Bryan, Acquisition Manager, said. “What we ended up finding out was that they had a tenant who wasn’t paying rent and was trashing the house.”

After quickly determining that the house was within the team’s criteria, Bryan set an appointment to tour the home, assess the situation, and see what kinds of repairs were needed. Once on site they found that the house not only needed updates throughout, but the tenants had done their fair share of hoarding and damage. Bryan said “When I initially walked in, well, I can’t really sugar coat this, the house was pretty gross. There was trash, food, and clothes everywhere”. “It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but the hardest part about it all, was that I knew this house was once lived in by Stephanie and her family”.

After the walk-through, Bryan let Stephanie know that we’ve helped many people in the same situation and that we could structure an offer that would alleviate the stress and worry of continuing to own the house. Our team agreed to pay cash for the house, taking it in as-is condition, without any inspections or fees to Stephanie. Most importantly, we were going to navigate her through the complex eviction process – which can take up to 90 days.

“Once we made the offer, I could tell she was relieved that we could help, but I also let her know that this is when the work would begin because the tenants had every intention of fighting the eviction”. Bryan said “when it was all said and done, it was a longer process than normal, but I assured her throughout that we weren’t going anywhere, and we would stick it through. All in all, we were able to help another seller through a stressful situation, buy another house to renovate and soon sell to another loving family.” Shortly after closing, Bryan received a postcard in the mail from Stephanie that said;

“Bryan, Thank you SO much for all of your help, advice, and patience with the sale of my property. You made a stressful time much easier!” – Stephanie and Chuck

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