Pittsburgh Gazette – Home Buyers of Pittsburgh Helps Sellers

Helping People Sell Their Homes Without The Hassles Or The Fees

Home Buyers of Pittsburgh often works with sellers in challenging situations, typically on a shorter timeline. Yet they also work with sellers throughout the Pittsburgh area who simply want an easier, faster alternative to the traditional home selling process.

The Home Buyers of Pittsburgh team recently worked with an elderly couple who was looking to downsize and make their transition into assisted living. “We got a call from a couple who had seen a few different types of our advertisements but were a little skeptical of the process” said Bryan Bercik, acquisition manager. “It’s pretty typical for people to call in with a lot of questions, but that’s what I’m here for – to figure out the situation and see if we’re a good fit for each other”.

When the company receives a call from a homeowner they do an initial qualification of the property and learn more about the situation. They find out where the house is, when it was built, and ask if it needs any repairs or updates. The rest of the call is spent figuring out what the situation is and if they can help. “We tend to buy the same style of homes in the neighborhoods we know very well.” said Mr. Bercik “Once we get to the house we just like to take a 20-30 minute tour to get an estimate on the cost of renovating it so we can figure out how much we can pay”. As the team walks through the house, they lean on their extensive background in real estate and construction to figure out the cost of renovations needed. Most of the homes they buy need updated kitchens, baths, flooring, paint, etc.

Other times, the homes need extensive repairs from the roof to the foundation, which usually include French drains and wall anchors. “This particular house did need a good bit of updating. The house had the same owners for many years and a lot of times they just can’t keep up”. Said Mr. Bercik Once the Home Buyers of Pittsburgh team figures out their renovation costs, they can input the numbers into their system and present an offer to the seller on the spot. “I like to sit down with the sellers and talk about their wants and needs. I’m always aiming for a win-win situation” Said Mr. Bercik “So we talk about the timeline for closing, them being able to leave unwanted items in the house etc., and the price we can pay”. In this situation, the sellers had concerns that they would have to close too fast and that they might be leaving money on the table.

Bryan was able to show them comparable homes in the area, what they could expect to get on the market, and how their offer compared to that based on the time and hassle required to sell. After closing Mr. Bercik said “All in all, we were able to close on their timeline and help great people through a stressful situation. They are excited to see the house after the renovations are done and we can’t wait to show them”. The Home Buyers of Pittsburgh team takes pride in their commitment to each individual seller and making the home selling process as simple and hassle-free as possible. “It’s great to work for a company that focuses on their customer service. They always do the right thing and want to help anybody that they can”. Said Mr. Bercik “Which makes my job easier knowing that I work for great people who only want to make win-win transactions”.

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