Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast in Pleasant Hills, PA

Negotiations are an unavoidable part of any home sale and it is not uncommon to receive offers from buyers that may not be as high as you were expecting. Because of this, negotiating is often one of the trickiest aspects of selling a home for both experienced and first-time sellers alike.

If you want to get the best possible price and sell your house fast, it is essential for you to master the negotiation process. In this post, we take a closer look at how you can sell your house fast in Pleasant Hills, PA, with an in-depth overview of the neighborhood and useful negotiating tips.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Pleasant Hills, PA, Neighborhood

Understanding the neighborhood that your house is in can give you an edge when it comes to negotiating for a better sale price. This is because your specialized knowledge of the surrounding area can help you to answer any questions that a potential buyer might have as well as highlight any positive aspects of the neighborhood to get a better price. 

That said, let us now take a closer look at the various features of Pleasant Hills, PA, that make it a great place to live in. Pleasant Hills is a suburb of Pittsburgh that’s located to the southeast of the city center. It is located just under 20 minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh by car and about half an hour away by the city’s public transportation system. 


Pleasant Hills also ranks very highly when it comes to safety amongst neighborhoods in the area, with crime rates significantly lower than the national average. 

Non-violent property crime rates in the area hover around 8% to 28% of the national average. Similarly, the incidence rates for violent crimes such as assault and robbery are next to zero in the area, making it a great neighborhood for starting a family and raising children. 


The family-friendly nature of Pleasant Hills also comes through in the education that children can receive from nearby schools. Within the suburb itself, there is the McClellan Elementary School and the Pleasant Hills Middle School. 

In the surrounding suburbs, there are also plenty of other public as well as private schools catering to children of all ages, including the Seton LaSelle Catholic High School which was ranked as one of the top 100 best high schools in the entire state and the fourth best catholic high school in the Pittsburgh area. 


There are also plenty of amenities located within the suburb, meaning that you won’t need to worry about traveling too far for them. For nature lovers, Pleasant Hills Arboretum can be a great place to spend a day out. There is also a football field that can be used for sports and other leisure activities. 

Additionally, Pleasant Hills is home to plenty of shopping malls, restaurants and grocery stores located. Thus, the neighborhood offers plenty of convenience for its residents, who will not need to travel far for food and groceries. 

A Closer Look at the Pleasant Hills, PA Real Estate Market

Pleasant Hills is a relatively small suburb with a population of just 8,456 residents. This makes the neighborhood a tranquil place that is great for raising a family and this fact is clearly reflected in the real estate prices in the area, which are on the higher end of the spectrum amongst Pittsburgh suburbs. 

78% of residents in Pleasant Hills own their homes and the median home value in the neighborhood is $216,800. On the other hand, the median rent in the neighborhood is $1,218. Nonetheless, these figures are still lower than the national average, making Pleasant Hills still an affordable place to settle down, all things considered. 

Useful Negotiating Tips for Selling Your House Fast

After familiarizing yourself with the features of the neighborhood, the next step to securing a good deal on your house is to master the negotiation process. While it may take practice to become a better negotiator, here are some tips that can nonetheless help you brush up on your skills:

Set a Realistic Price

Potential buyers are likely to be turned off by unrealistic prices. Setting a realistic price for your property can thus help you attract more offers and may also lead to faster negotiations. 

Highlight Unique Selling Points

When crafting a description for your property listing, try to highlight any unique selling points that can help your property stand out from the crowd. These can help you attract more buyers and may also help you justify a higher asking price during negotiations. 

Be Flexible

If your priority is to sell your property fast, it can be helpful for you to be flexible during the negotiations. This flexibility applies not only to the price that you’re willing to sell at but also to things such as closing dates and other terms of the sale. 

Consider Multiple Offers

It may also be beneficial for you to consider offers from multiple buyers before choosing one that is most favorable for you instead of selling to the first buyer who makes you an offer. 

Skip the Negotiations: Sell Your House in Pleasant Hills, PA to a Professional Homebuyer

If negotiations just aren’t your thing and you want to get the best possible price for your property without having to deal with multiple offers and potential buyers, a great alternative for you might be to sell your house to a professional home buying company such as HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh.

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