Urban Capital Group in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Local Company helps home seller save time and hassle with quick, easy process

Selling a home through a real estate agency can take months and, often, the seller ends up paying thousands of dollars in repairs and commissions before the process is complete. Ryan Scialabba strives to offer a faster and easier solution with his company, HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh, which he started two and a half years ago with his business partner, Aaron Archibald. Since its inception, the company has bought and sold more than 125 homes in the Pittsburgh area including some recent properties in the North Hills, Baldwin/Whitehall, Mt Washington, East Liberty, and Mt. Lebanon areas.

“The nice thing about working with us, is that we make the process of selling a home easy to understand and give people options that they didn’t know they had,” Mr. Scialabba said. “We have a simple three step process that includes a 5-10-minute phone call, a 30-minute property tour to assess updates/repairs, and then we give our cash offer – usually on the spot”.

One local homeowner, Kevin Clark, that recently sold his home to the HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team had read an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before calling in. When asked why he decided to call the team, Mr. Clark said “In looking to sell my home, I knew it needed several fixes and upgrades, so my choice was either to look for an investor to buy it as-is or spend the money and time (probably months) to get it ready and then the time and hassle to put it on the market and have went through the show, negotiate, and close process (with its associated real estate commissions). So, I decided to first explore the investor option.”

Once on the phone, Kevin and Ryan talked briefly about the location and condition of the house, what his goals were, and how the process works. Mr. Scialabba was able to quickly determine that this would be a house they may be interested in and immediately set an appointment. Mr. Clark said “Ryan Scialabba gave me a call and came to visit the property the next day. I immediately took a liking to Ryan’s professional and personable approach as we walked the inside and outside of my home. He expressed his interest in the property and outlined some of the renovations he had in mind as well as his cost versus retail cost. We stood in my den and discussed the selling price and quickly came to an agreement that worked for both of us. I signed a simple sales agreement in the driveway and closed on the sale within a month.”

All in all, the process from initial phone call to closing on the sale on the house took 25 days. This was just one of multiple homes the HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh team bought that month using the same simple process. When asked about the overall process, Mr. Clark said “I could not have imagined an easier process nor one that I deemed to be as professional and fair. I highly recommend HomeBuyers of Pittsburgh for anyone else in a situation like my own.”