When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Home To An Investor?

So you’ve been kicking around the idea of selling your house? Are you trying to decide whether or not to try to sell it yourself? List with a real estate agent? Or get a quick cash offer that can close in as little as 21 days?

When looking to sell your house, often times you will hear it is best to sell it in the spring months. Starting in March leading up until school starts. If you have a home in livable condition, that just needs a few minor touches then this is typically true. Based on our experience of buying and selling over 100 homes, we have found that we typically see a shorter time to sell during this time. Another time of year that we are able to sell our retail homes quickly is between September to November. But here’s the secret…if your home is overpriced, it simply will not sell. What we have learned is that selling a home comes down to two things; condition and price. The time of year doesn’t affect us, unless we overprice the home. If you have a beautifully renovated home, pricing it properly is essential.

Listing with a real estate agent who can market the home and handle the transaction could be the best route. If you have some repairs you haven’t been able to get to, maybe your house has been vacant for some time, or you inherited it. Let’s say you’re just ready to be done with the home as quickly and easily as possible. This is the time to call an investor. When you’re looking for a quick cash offer in as little as 21 days, an investor is the route to go. At Urban Capital Group, we even tell our sellers “take what you want and leave what you don’t”. Because sometimes it is really tough to coordinate dumpsters and people to help clean out the property. If you have a home you would like to sell in Pittsburgh in as little as 21 days, give us a call!